Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma Focused Practice aims to help organisations better understand the impact of individual and collective trauma experiences, and how to validate and  provide safe support in the here and now. This approach recognises that some individuals have experienced significant trauma, that this trauma can continue to be experienced and that organisations need to ensure that people feel safe and that re-traumatisation is avoided.

Trauma comes in many forms; abuse and neglect, bullying at school, family grief or exposure to hostile environments, be that at home or in the community. Trauma can also present in less obvious forms, especially through Vicarious Trauma, Relational Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and burnout. However, more recent therapeutic developments and departures provide much more powerful techniques to help people come to terms with traumatic experiences and help educate organisations around how to better care for all their people. 

We offer specific trauma informed consultation based on the principles of 

Safety, Trustworthiness and transparency, Peer support, Collaboration and mutuality, Empowerment and choice & Cultural, historical and gender issues

We were delighted to recently help World Players develop the Ready to Respond workbook for supporting athletes and players who have experienced trauma in sport (see and check out booklet in resources section).

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