Solution Focused Consultations

Solution Focused Consultations

When availability allows, individual consultations can be facilitated combining the best of evidence based intervention methods, especially Brief Solution Focused Therapy, a powerful, positive  and compassionate approach to helping people address challenges and identify and develop their own solutions.

At present, I do not have the ability to take on new individual consultation cases. If you need consultation, please visit the Psychological Society of Ireland website and the Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy website to find available practitioners.

In our experience, people usually seek the help of a psychologist to address a specific problem or set of problems. With a solution focused consultation, we work together to develop a flexible response and set of resources to help enable you overcome the challenges you face in the way with best suits you.

For example, during the Covid 19 pandemic face to face consultations were problematic due to public health advice, however many people reported perceiving more benefit from eco-therapy or outdoor therapy, where the consultation took place in the outdoors while walking together. 

*Please note this is not an emergency service, and in a crisis please contact your Doctor, Out of Hours Doctor or nearest Emergency Department.