Whether you live your life in in a high pressure situation with high performance expected as the norm or not, life can be unpredictable, trying and difficult for us all at times. I have learned over more than 25 years of clinical psychology practice and more than 50 years of life itself, that we all need extra support at certain times to help respond to the challenges we encounter and to help us make the most of our potential as an individual, group, team or organisation.

The only constant in life is change, and what I learned so far is that each person and issue requires a particular approach at that moment in time. The ever evolving and fascinating science of psychology is very broad. However, its application for each person and situation needs to be evidence based, credible and practical, based on solid and transparent ethical standards, within the context of open and trusting relationship, where feedback can be freely and safely given and received.

The services listed below give you an overview of my areas and how I can help. If you require further information, you can request the same at 

Areas Of Expertise

High Performance & Wellbeing

Helping people & teams flourish in high pressure situations, build psychological habits to ensure consistent levels of functioning, and care well for the individual and group.

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Helping practitioners, groups and organisations work to their full potential, with reliable, flexible and bespoke guidance, support and advice.

Trauma Informed Practice

Helping people and organisations better understand the impact of individual and collective trauma experiences, and how to validate and provide safe support in the here and now.

Project Design & Evaluation

Helping organisations address specific issues, from undertaking needs assessment through to intervention and audit, including the evaluation of projects.

Speaking & Facilitation

Offering engaging and energetic speaking and presentation on a wide range of topics, with sensitive and thoughtful facilitation

Solution Focused Consultations

A powerful, evidence-based, positive  and compassionate approach to helping people address challenges and identify and develop their own solutions