Project Design & Evaluation

Project Design & Evaluation

Paul has a particular and longstanding interest in translating psychological theory into applied practice, and bringing the best of what psychology has to offer to as many people as possible.

Among a number of projects, the Mind Yourself project in collaboration with the Health Service Executive and National Suicide Research Foundation was a large scale attempt to bring evidence-based population based mental health intervention to as many young people as possible, and over 9,000 young people took part from the North East of Ireland.

Outcome research and evaluation, especially measuring if an intervention is effective or not, is a key part of psychological practice, and from the development of The East Cavan Project with Dr. Vincent Russell and colleagues (2001) which became Mind Yourself, to Paul’s most recent research publication with Michelle Nevin on psychological safety within a Covid Assessment Hub (2021), he has collaborated with a range of universities, agencies and colleagues on designing and evaluating psychological interventions.

Our key and long standing collaborator on project design and evaluation is Dr. Katrina Collins Consulting (, who has co-designed and co-authored projects for over 20 years, most recently on the Census of Athlete Rights Experiences (CARE) project with the World Players Association.

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