High Performance & Wellbeing

High Performance & Wellbeing

I have been very fortunate to work with World, European, National and Provincial Champions in a range of sports, as well as individuals performing at an elite level in business and health care.  I have distilled the learning over the past 25 years into the Best Version Programme – BVP

Tailored for you individually, you tell us where you want to get to, we help identify where you are now, and together we work toward reaching your Best Version of yourself.  Once we have assessed your strengths and agreed your targets, you receive a bespoke daily programme of writing, activity and reflection with your BVP journal, and you will be supported by impactful individual consults, and with the Silver and Gold programmes, coaching calls between consults to help address obstacles you encounter and help maintain your motivation.  

Gold Level  Initial consult plus five further consults plus four coaching calls 

(usually over 8 – 12 weeks)

Silver Level  Initial consult plus five further consults (usually over 8 – 10 weeks)

Bronze  Level – Initial Consult plus three further consults (usually over 4 – 6 weeks)  

BVP is provided through an online platform, so you can access the programme from anywhere in the world.

Please fill in the contact form on this page with the subject line “Best Version Programme” for more information.

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