Cavan GAA - The Stronger Programme

Over the past few years in Cavan there has been some unforgettable high points and some very low points, especially the tragic loss of family, friends, team-mates and neighbours, who took their own lives and there were also a number of near tragic events. Cavan GAA have been involved and continue to support clubs and individuals who have experienced trauma and tragedy.  All communities have been adversely affected by Covid-19.  Clubs have observed a marked increase in mental-wellness, anxiety and addiction among 18 – 30 year olds especially. Clubs have expressed concern and sought the help of Cavan GAA and other organisations to support their members and people within their communities so that they can assist and guide these young people to get the necessary help if required. 

In response, Cavan GAA Health and Wellbeing committee in partnership with HSE have developed The Stronger Programme which was launched at convention in December 2021.  The aim of this project is to develop a resource to help clubs and communities, to help with recognition of changing behaviours from a mental health viewpoint and identify people in difficulty, to help improve quality of life and in some cases to avert potential tragedy by early intervention and direction to appropriate professional help.

The GAA are one of the largest community organisations in the county with over 14,000 members across all 42 clubs.  We believe that people coming together and supporting each other makes us stronger. We will use the phrase ‘Together we are Stronger’ to promote the campaign. You can view our Stronger video on Cavan GAA YouTube channel. 

After analysing the feedback from the three online Stronger training evenings held in January 2022, which were delivered by Dr Paul Gaffney, our County Health & Wellbeing committee  organised 9 regional in-person Stronger Programme meetings, presented by Dr. Paul Gaffney.  These meetings were open to the community for anyone over 18 years of age and to date over 500 Stronger Advocates have undertaken the training. We hope to develop this programme into the future. Thank you to all for their support, and please feel free to browse the available slides. Together we are STRONGER.